Upgrades and Service Agreements - Now Available

Full upgrades are now available for our current PROTA and ChiralIR users.  PROTA upgrades now include the extension of our current 30 protein database to 50+ proteins. FT-IR ATR protein databases in both the solid and liquid form are also available.

Our collaboration with Applied Photophysics Ltd. has also expanded our current protein database into the realm of Circular Dichroism in the UV region (UV-CD). CD spectroscopy is complimentary to FT-IR spectroscopy in protein structural studies. BioTools is proud to introduce the first unified database of protein UV-CD and FT-IR spectra that is internally consistent with respect to the proteins and algorithm for analysis. In addition, for the first time, a CD database and algorithm are available for confidential use within a research laboratory or pharmaceutical company.

Service Agreements are also now available for current and new PROTA users, offering extensive training and support on successively using infrared spectroscopy for the structural studies of biological molecules. Service Agreements are also available for ChiralIR users, offering product maintenance and extensive training and support on successively using VCD the conformational studies of chiral molecules.


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Learn more about the PROTA Service Contracts  and ChiralIR Service Contracts currently available.